Daycare Structure

Looking after other people's beloved family pet is a huge responsibility which we take very seriously.  All of our staff are trained in Canine First Aid and CPR, also in interpreting canine body language and play behaviour.  We use no actively aversive or punishment-based training at Totally Canine.  A dog that is becoming over-aroused and needs calming will be put on lead with one of the supervisors for a short time, or taken to the sensory garden to chill and calm down.


During the day dogs will not just be running around playing randomly.  Staff will be actively engaged with the dogs all day, playing with them and directing them to certain activities.  Indoor play, outdoor play, time in the sensory garden, rest times and training sessions will make up the day.  


All day care dogs will receive training sessions as part of the package.  This is done for several reasons: it improves relationships between the dogs and the staff, helps to tire them mentally and improves safety.  This will include sit and down stays, doorway manners and impulse control or "Leave it" exercises; also recall from play, as well as other things from time to time.  Many customers have remarked on how their dog's recall has improved since being with us, which is excellent news!


Social Group Day Care is not a perfect fit for every dog.  It is essential for the safety of all that we accept only those dogs that are comfortable with the environment and each other, and compliant with staff.  Each dog will therefore be required to join us for a half day induction session, which will be free.   Please see the "Induction" link here for more information on this. We do not require an induction for baby puppies (four to six months old).

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