How on earth can we teach a recall via Zoom in people's homes?  Honestly, it works brilliantly!  

We work on creating an automatic reaction in your dog to come when called - so he/she doesn't stop and think about it, they're already on the move.  Through a series of games you will teach your dog to LOVE coming back when you call, and to be constantly anticipating your asking them.  

Works for any breed, any age; even if your dog has a long history of ignoring you when you're out.  

Like humans, dogs get better at what they practice.  Therefore, to prevent them practicing getting it wrong, you will need to get a long line to walk them on whilst you are training/re-training.  Long lines are extra long leads that typically come in 5m, 10m, 15m, or 20m lengths, although you can get longer.  If you have a large or strong dog, and/or you are a small or not very stable person, I would recommend a shorter line.  It is safer for a long line to be attached to the back of a well-fitting harness, so you can't jerk them on the neck by accident.  I recommend Perfect Fit harnesses, although there are many good ones available.


Hi Zoe - Just wanted to say a big thank you for the Recall course.  I certainly found it easier at home to remember (aided by your crib sheets) what we were doing and then move it outside.  The main thing for me though is listening to you and when I am practising with Willow I can hear you!  I think it also helped Willow not having the distraction of the other dogs in the same room. Shame you do not do training courses for husbands!!!  Theresa