Rally is a great new sport in the dog world. Designed to be an intermediate step between pet training and competition obedience, this is a sport that is accessible to all - no collies needed (although they love it too)!  


You do not have to be competitive to take this class - learning the moves is fun in itself and all training exercises are useful for building the bond between you and just having fun with your dog.


A course is laid out consisting of signs requiring certain movements, such as "Down", "Sit" or "About Turn". Each dog and handler team goes around the course, obeying each sign as they reach it. As the levels go up, more interesting and demanding movements are added in.

There are two classes each week for KC Rally: they are drop-in classes so you pay on the day. Your dog should be comfortable in a multi-dog class environment and able to walk on a loose lead, sit and lie down on command.

KC Rally Levels 1-2 are the beginner classes with courses that you might expect to find in competition. You do not need to want to compete to come to the classes; just come and have some fun negotiating the course and being taught how to improve each exercise - improving the relationship and fun you have with your dog at the same time.


KC Rally Levels 3-6 are next, with more complicated courses and new signs. These levels are completed off lead, and you will be guided through the new exercises. Many people at this level do compete, enjoying acquiring letters after their dog's name as they qualify, but again you don't need to in order to enjoy the class.


Each class is £12

We can also offer an "Introduction for Absolute Beginners" course, which will teach you and your dog the basic movements needed and how to navigate a course. Most dogs will move on to the KC Rally Levels 1-2 class after a very few sessions of this one.

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