Puppy Training

If your puppy is awake, he/she is learning!  Taking an on-line class means that you don't need to wait for vaccinations, and that your pup will not be distracted by the new environment.  Getting the basics in as soon as possible after your puppy comes home will reap benefits in the future and prevent bad habits forming.  Each class ends with a Q&A session where you can raise any issues you might be having with your pup (ten to one somebody else will be having a similar problem!).

Puppy Foundation Course

This course is for baby puppies and you can start as soon as you like - the earlier the better!  Many people believe that puppies have to play with other puppies; this is not correct.  Meeting other dogs is certainly helpful, but "puppy parties" often do more harm than good.  After all, when your dog is an adult, do you want to be the person in the park with their dog trotting around near them, saying "Hi!" to other dogs and moving on, or do you want to be the one whose dog has disappeared over the horizon into a group of other dogs and is ignoring you?

Over four weeks, we will cover:


  • Socialisation experiences

  • How dogs learn, and how best to teach them

  • Starting with handling and grooming

  • Sit, down and beginning with stay

  • Recall

  • Starting with walking on a loose lead

  • Proprioception - linking bodies and brains

  • Food manners - around their food and around yours

  • Understanding basic canine body language

  • Q&A sessions which typically cover house training, jumping up, puppy biting and anything else you may have issues with.


The class runs on Monday evenings for four weeks, starting at the beginning of each month and including Bank Holidays.