Our Privacy Policy

We use cookies from Google Analytics, in order to analyse the use of our website, such as which pages are being clicked onto the most or the least, so that we can make sure we keep tailoring it to meet the needs of our customers.


If you attend any of our training classes or come to us for a one-to-one session(s) we keep some information about your dog and you.  We keep this to a minimum; generally only your telephone contact number and/or email address, along with information about your dog.  Until recently we also kept your postal address; as of 1st May 2018 we will only hold this for people who have requested a home visit under special circumstances.  If you have given us your postal address in the past it was destroyed on 1st May 2018.

We hold this information in paper format; in addition email addresses are securely stored by our email provider.  The files are kept in a locked filing cabinet with access restricted to management.

If you have attended a one-to-one session then information about your dog which will include your surname and any advice we have given and why is kept electronically, and is safely stored using Google’s secure online storage.  We keep this for the purposes of updating any advice you may request of us in the future, and for showing that we have given correct advice to professional training bodies that we belong to.



If you book to come on a workshop we keep information that you have given us when you booked.  You are entitled to ask for a copy of this information at any time; we are allowed to make a charge for producing this for you but we choose not to.


The information is kept in paper or electronic format; in addition email addresses are securely stored by our email provider.  Any paper files are kept in a locked filing cabinet with access restricted to management.   

We do not share your information with anyone.  The only exception to this would be if we were required to release information to the Police or other official Government body in regard to any investigation they might wish to carry out.  

We keep these records until after the workshop has been completed.  After this we will shred them, using a secure shredding service, and will require you to complete new forms for any other workshop you book.  If the guest speaker of the workshop has promised to send notes on we will keep your email addresses until after this task has been completed.

We require that you keep the information that we hold up to date between booking a workshop and attending it; specifically your telephone contact numbers must be current.  

You have the right to ask us to destroy the information that we hold about you.  Please let us know in writing or by email if you wish us so to do.  It will be shredded using a secure shredding service.


If you wish to be kept informed of available workshops or other news you can be added to our mailing list by ticking the box on the workshop booking form or requesting us to do so in writing or by email.  You can request to be taken off the mailing list at any time and it will be done.