Shaping Up

When you've been teaching the basics you've almost certainly been using a lot of luring as a method of showing the dog what you want him to do.​  It's quick, easy and it works.  However, once the basics are mastered you'll find that luring simply isn't possible for some behaviours.  This is where shaping comes in - it's a brilliantly simple method of communication between human and dog (or any other animal) that encourages creativity and tells them when they're getting it right.  Done correctly, this training method will revolutionise your relationship with your dog!  

Many dogs, once they've got the hang of shaping, will teach themselves all sorts of amazing things.  If you like them, you can simply add a cue (or command) that gets that behaviour when you want it.  If you don't like what your dog is suggesting as a behaviour, you can simply eliminate it by withholding reward.  

In the course we will start by teaching you the method, of course, and practicing on each other.  We then cover really useful behaviours like send to mat, wherever the mat is, and retrieve to hand, plus shutting a door or drawer.  We add in a few tricks that are great for showing off, but also help to encourage creativity in your dog and hone your new skills.  After that, the sky's the limit!