Kennel Club Good Citizens

We are pleased to have been awarded Listed Status by the Kennel Club, and are now able to offer Assessments for the Good Citizens Scheme Awards. Further information about the Scheme is available on the Kennel Club website, here

Classes for this Scheme are our TC Bronze, Silver and Gold classes which can be found here. They cover a lot of other things in addition to the scheme's criteria!


Bronze Award Scheme:

  • Cleanliness and Identification

  • Collar, Lead and Equipment

  • Walk on Lead

  • Control at Door/Gate

  • Controlled Walk amongst People and Dogs

  • Stay for One Minute

  • Grooming

  • Examination of the Dog

  • Return to Handler

  • Responsibility and Care


Silver Award Scheme:

  • Play with the Dog

  • Road Walk

  • Rejoin Handler

  • Stay in One Place for Two Minutes

  • Vehicle Control

  • Come Away from Distractions

  • Controlled Greeting

  • Food Manners

  • Examination of the Dog

  • Responsibility and Care


Gold Award Scheme:

  • Road Walk

  • Return to Handler's Side

  • Walk Free beside Handler

  • Stay Down in One Place

  • Send the Dog to Bed

  • Stop the Dog

  • Relaxed Isolation

  • Food Manners

  • Examination of the Dog

  • Responsibility and Care

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