You don't want to leave your dog behind, but sometimes modern life doesn't allow us to do as we would wish. For those days when you simply can't give your best friend the time and attention he needs Totally Canine can fill the gap.


The Day Care provision is in social groups. We have two groups running, roughly divided by big dogs and small dogs, but also by play style; so a large, older, more laid back dog might be better suited to be in with the small dogs and a bouncing rubber ball of a terrier might be happier in with the bigger dogs. Each dog will be assessed individually.  We can take puppies from four months of age; we take especial care to ensure they have enough breaks and rest times so that they don't over-do it!


Each play group has an indoor play room with a non-slip floor, plenty of toys and rest areas. Each group also has their own outdoor area with different toys and a little more space to let off energy.


The sensory garden is shared and the play groups take turns to use it. Here, dogs are encouraged to chill out and indulge in natural behaviours such as sniffing and digging. With lots of different surfaces for them to experience and plantings of the sorts of herbs that they like to chew on, this time will encourage a different sort of mental engagement than play, leaving the dogs much calmer.



If you need to take your dog to the vet for ANY reason, please advise your vet that your dog attends daycare, and confirm when it will be appropriate for them to return. If you notice any abnormal signs in your dog, such as sickness, whether or not your dog has been to the vet, please ensure that you inform us before bringing your dog to Totally Canine.


Thank you!