Coronavirus Measures

During this crisis, Totally Canine in closed in all areas. We hope that everyone is staying home if they possibly can, staying safe, and looking after themselves and each other.

If you use Facebook, then our training page, Totally Canine Teaching and Learning, will have ideas and tips for things to do with your dog. We hope to post something new every day!

Grooming clients can contact us if their dogs coat has got to a stage where it becomes a welfare concern. Poodle type coats do not shed, and keep growing, quickly matting. Many very good owners who groom their dogs daily will still get to this stage if their dog has this type of coat, so don't feel bad! Michelle will come in and groom these dogs only; we consider that other grooms go against the spirit of government advice. We have procedures in place for this to be contactless.

Unfortunately as a business we fall outside of all of the currently announced support schemes, and will get no help at all. Even with all the staff registered as furloughed workers, the business will need to pay its bills. We have created a GoFundMe page, if anyone wishes to help keep us alive during this difficult time, so we can come back and continue helping and loving dogs when it is all over. See the link below!