Totally Canine Update

We regret that, due to the impact of the pandemic, the daycare unit and shop are now permanently closed. We would like to thank all of our wonderful customers and their fab dogs for the fun we've had over the years.

Totally Canine Training is continuing online, starting January 2021. Please see further details and access the online booking system using the button below.

I am in the planning stages of arranging workshop days in or around Yeovil in the Spring. These will typically be on a weekend (but don't have to be), running 10am-4pm or thereabouts, with a limited number of attendees covering a specific subject in depth. If you have any requests for a particular subject or area for a workshop to cover, please do email me to let me know. At the moment, we are planning trick training, scent work, and retrieve from basics to advanced. Any new topics welcome!

Totally Canine Grooming customers: Michelle is continuing to groom from her home near Wincanton. She would be very happy to see any dogs she has already formed a good working relationship with! She can be contacted by email at